JoinedInCare is a platform for useful information for older adults and those taking care of them

We would like JoinedInCare to be recognized as a platform for sharing knowledge in the area of Senior care. We built it as a common place for useful information for older adults and those taking care of them. It’s also an online space where support organizations, care homes and care providers are listed so they are easily discoverable by those needing help.

The company that came up with the idea for JoinedInCare and is supporting it is Bulbera. We wanted to develop a platform related to the welfare of the elderly. During the pandemic the older adults were the most isolated group. The majority were unfamiliar with technology and didn’t have many options for entertainment or communication.

As a tech company we decided that it is time to start the process of educating the elderly in the sphere of Age Tech and its benefits. Many devices, applications and sources of information online do exist and we decided to share the knowledge and make it easily accessible for the elderly.

JoinedInCare is a platform free of charge and entirely supported by Bulbera’s team members.
The main activities of Bulbera are in the software development field but the company has supported many social projects and causes.

At the end of 2022, JoinedInCare won the Innovative Enterprise of the Year award in the Social Innovation field. Every year the competition is held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. The initiative has been recognized by the European Commission as a good national practice in support of innovative development. For us, this served as a recognition that we are doing something important in help of the society.

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