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Useful Information For Seniors

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Useful Information for Seniors

How to Keep Seniors Hydrated

How to Keep Seniors Hydrated Water is a crucial component of our cells and tissues, as well as regulating body temperature, producing metabolic waste products, and carrying nutrients throughout the body. Dehydration can have devastating effects on health, including possible death in extreme cases. In this article we will discuss how caregivers and family members…

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors We recommend you purchase a smoke alarm system if you care for an elderly who sometimes needs to be left alone. It pays to have a smoke detector as a preventative measure. A home fire is a potentially devastating event that can cause extensive property damage and personal injury. That is even more…

Skills every carer should have

Skills every carer should have It can be said that caregivers are the foundation of health care for a society. Without them, we would not be able to meet the needs of the elderly, people with disabilities or other people in need of temporary or permanent care. When you hear the word “carer,” you probably…