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Tablet or smartphone – which is the better choice for the elderly

An important part of taking care of a senior citizen is finding ways to ease their daily life. It is true that a large part of elderly people are not on “speaking terms” with new technology like the younger generation but there are multiple studies that confirm the benefits of using smart devices for the elderly.
Choose between tablet or a smartphone for old people
Let’s not forget the more entertaining purpose of these devices – games such as puzzles, crossroads, cards and similar which improve memory and concentration can be installed. Keeping your mind fit is just as important as keeping your body, especially with age. The mind must be challenged every day. Recent studies show that a person only needs 5 minutes a day for puzzles or games to stimulate the brain and to significantly improve their mental well-being.
After this brief overview of the benefits of smart devices for the elderly, the question remains – tablet or phone. One of the biggest advantages of a tablet is its size. Almost all tablets can perform the functions of a smartphone, but they have a much larger screen, which makes them much easier to use for people who have vision problems like most elders. The American Optometric Association reports that vision problems are more likely to occur after the age of 60, including conditions such as age-related farsightedness, cataracts, glaucoma or other age-related eye conditions.
One of the biggest advantages of tablets is that they are significantly cheaper than smartphones that have the same features. In fact, tablets are known to be way cheaper than the leading smartphones of most brands. Another advantage is the battery life. Most tablets overshadow smartphones when it comes to battery life.
A recent study found that tablets are less likely to be misplaced than smartphones. Because they are larger in size but less bulky than laptops, you can carry them anywhere without feeling the risk of losing them. They are easy to spot, which gives them a slight advantage over other portable devices such as smartphones. Which means that grandma has a better chance of finding her tablet if she misplaced it rather than finding a little smartphone.
All in all, it is extremely important to find ways for our elderly relatives to not feel isolated and to remain active. This is important for both their mental and physical health. New technologies are an extremely easy way to make that happen.

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